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We currently offer a Teams server and a KitPvP server! Click the servers button to see more information about each server! Copy the IP above!

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No lag, no pay-to-win, no BS. We cultivate competitive play. We offer in-depth stats and leaderboards to show who's on top. Check them out!


Hate unprofessional, inactive, unhelpful, rude staff members? We do too. Our staff members are hand picked for each server to optimize the player experience.

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News: EliteKits has joined the SoupsMC Network! Read more information here!

Official Announcements

First Announcement 😄 05:38PM 02/23/2019


Hi everyone! 👋

This is really just serving as a test post for the website and general formatting for future additions to the site, but I wanted to post a general changelog and let everyone know some general things!

Regarding the current state of KitPvP 🛡️

If you have been on the network, specifically EliteKits in the past 1-2 weeks, you would know that the server isn't doing the best player-count wise.

However, I want to let everyone know that we're working hard on Season 11 and Hardcore Teams. Opening EliteKits was just to get our feet back in the water with a throwback season. We did not do any advertising other than Discord and Twitter, and we managed to get over 5,000 unique players!

None of our new features have been shown off yet! We hope to show off all these features on our hyped on Season 11 release, coming early March. Stay tuned!


alt text

Regarding the state of Teams ⚔️

What everyone is really waiting for... 😏
Teams has been a steady process. We're aware of how long it's been, but unfortunately we're not going to disclose specific details quite yet. We generally update details more often in our TeamsMC Discord. Make sure to join it!

Soup WILL be making a massive return though!

Changelog 📝

Here's a boring changelog of the website for the week!

User profiles
Team profiles
Leaderboard page
Servers page update
Search functionality
Added themes to the site
Updated server rules at
Finished staff application, xray, and bug report forms.

If you see any issues with the site, PLEASE contact me via Twitter, Telegram, or through the Bug Report form. You will be compensated in-game with a rank on both servers depending on the severity of the bug 😄!

Conclusion ✅

The future of the TeamsMC Network is looking bright. Look out for new updates in our Discord! More website features will be coming soon as well, keep an eye out 👀!

Discords 🗣️
  • TeamsMC Network Discord: Click Here
  • EliteKits Specific Discord: Click Here
    We host Discord giveaways often, make sure to join the Discords to participate in them!🎉

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