EliteKits x TeamsMC

Here are the details regarding this joint network!

Announcement | EliteKits joins TeamsMC Network

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EliteKits will be joining the TeamsMC Network as their Soup KitPvP Server!
So, what's going to be happening with donation ranks, staff, and other things?

Rank Information
What's happening with the staff team?
  • There will be both TeamsMC staff and EliteKits staff for the start of the merge.
  • Eventually, priority staff will become global and have a staff rank on both servers.
  • Applications will be handled by the preferred staff position listed in the application.

So what is happening with the two servers?
  • EliteKits is joining TeamMC's Network under the hub.
  • EliteKits will provide TeamMC's team server with a practice server and a server to wait on for the release of teams.
  • TeamsMC's team server will provide EliteKits with a main hardcore server to play.
  • Both servers will benefit from resources & shared projects to build the best soup experience.
  • Applications will be handled by the preferred server listed in the application.

The Future
  • As our partnership continues, we hope to open/develop new Soup related projects for everyone.
  • We plan to slowly become more integrated into one network. We want to make sure both TeamsMC supporters and EliteKits supporters get fair representation.

EliteKits's Throwback Season
We plan to bring EliteKits back online this weekend! However, new features will be limited as we work on the network.
  • EliteKits is celebrating its return with a Throwback Season!
  • Starting with our Season 4 map, 4-6 of our previous maps will be loaded onto the server every couple days! If you played EliteKits in the past, this is a perfect way to reminisce!
  • EliteKits has been in slow development. This is due to real life priorities of the owners.
  • This merge has given a spark of motivation to bring EliteKits back up ASAP.
  • This simply means we will open the server without a ton of brand new features. Don't worry though, our massive revamp is coming soon!

That's it! If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or anything else, I'm here to talk.
Thanks everyone,

Have questions? Need to talk with someone?
Contact: Diamond#0001, Dray#4093


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